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For that person who needs this prayer today..

Praying you through today. Praying that no matter what you are being faced with today, whether big or small, that you would surrender it over to the Lord and allow Him to do what only He can do. Allow Him to fight this battle with you and for you and praying you walk In His divine authority today knowing you are HIS BELOVED. Praying an angelic realm around you, anointed healing over you and that His strength would guide and carry you through.
Praying there are moments today you are able to be still. Moments you know He is with you and moments you know He is going before you leveling mountains, making the impossible, POSSIBLE
Praying for a new vision within Him and praying your eyes see the extra distance today so you see a glimpse of the light He is leading and guiding you in. Praying for angelic moments, praying for moments today that wind you because His presence is so strong and evident and praying you are elevated and escalated today in His divine calling over your life.
Praying for moments you sit back, close your eyes and take in a deep breath. Praying you inhale His purifying air, allowing it to cleanse out anything that is keeping you from leaning in deeper to Him. Praying as you exhale you do so knowing He has you and that you embrace the supernatural stirring within your soul as He is doing a GREAT redemptive work within you.
Praying an unexpected blessing over you today and praying you fully grasp just how AMAZING and LOVED you are. Walk In His protective covering today. Walk in the authority of knowing who you are and who He has called you to be and walk in a posture of expectancy. He will show up and show off and He WILL bless you in abundance.
Going before you today as I pray all this In His purifying, anointed, all mighty name Amen