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My prayer for today❤️

Ok I think I can safely say we are all battling some things right now that have us on our knees in prayer. Some things that are causing us doubt. Some that are causing weariness. Some that are causing us to be weighted down while some major pruning is being done in and through all of this.

As I was praying for US today God reminded me of two very imperative verses that we need to hold onto, especially right now. The first being John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

And the second, Isaiah 53:10, “ No weapon formed against you shall prosper.”

As WE are seeking Him, walking in alignment to His will and calling over our lives, the enemy is prowling more than ever. The enemies goal is to shut us down, trying to destroy any and all confidence we have in ourselves and our identity in Christ. He wants to compile lie upon lie, and he wants us to start walking with our eyes on the negative instead of on the riches found in Jesus Christ.

The enemy wants us to believe we are not good enough. He wants us to believe we need to do more. He wants us to believe if we tried a little harder then we would have gotten it or achieved it. He wants us to believe we need to take the control back into our own hands because God isn’t doing the job for us.

Y’all these are ALL lies from the pit of hell. What feels like rejection is God’s protection. When we feel not good enough we need to stand on the TRUTH that we are good enough through Him. The enemy is trying to throw darts, weapons, daggers our way to knock us off course, to make us doubt who we are and to whom we belong. Instead of using these unsuccessful tactics of the enemy to defeat us, we need to take all of it and use it as ammunition to fight back and take him down.

This is when we take the words of “no weapon formed against us shall prosper,” and use it to advance the kingdom by sharing our testimony through Him. This is when we preach louder about the goodness of our God and this is when our army of angels come alongside of us and lift us up when the possibility of defeat seems too overwhelming to bare.

This is when we recognize that the enemy, the thief is coming to destroy us BUT that the victory has already been won. This is when we stand our guard, we stand our post and we fight in the heavenly realms for we are not fighting flesh and blood but the powers and authorities of the spiritual realm. This is when the enemy is going to try any and all schemes, use anyone and everyone close to us to “try” and come against us and this is when our tribe, our people, God’s chosen people for our lives stand in the gap and intercede on our behalf.

We are on the journey of life together and we fight one another’s battles together. We weep with one another. We rejoice with one another and we take on one another’s burdens. The enemy wants us to believe we are alone and we are the only ones battling hard things. NOT TRUE. To live is Christ to die is gain.

Let’s ALL come together, knowing we are each in a wrestle of our own. Let’s call forth our battles so the enemy can no longer taunt us with the emotional roller coasters we are riding. Let’s come together in unity, in prayer, as sisters and brothers in Christ and let’s put on our armor of God so we can fight our battles with the sword of the spirit and the word of God.

Where two or three are gathered in HIS name, there He is amongst them. What the enemy doesn’t understand is that he has messed with the wrong tribe. The wrong sisterhood, the wrong brotherhood and the wrong warriors for Christ. Together, we are going to wreck havoc in the kingdom of God and together we are going to FIGHT these battles with bold, fierce Jesus authority because we will ALL prosper through the unfailing love of our Abba Father.

Covering us in prayer. Remember, we have this because He has us. Love you ALL in overflowing abundance.

Please reach out if you any any specific prayer requests. Would love to pray for YOU ❤️???