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Standing before the throne room, interceding on your behalf, and praying from the courtrooms of heaven that you truly stand in awe of the faithfulness of God as He showers you with His shalom peace. Praying God disperses His army of angels around you. Praying He places an angelic realm and a hedge of protection around you. Praying you feel the presence of God today in ways you have never felt Him before. Praying you bask in His presence as He saturates you with His lavishing love. Praying for moments of clarity, of discernment and of knowing which steps to take next as you travel the road in which He is calling you to walk.

I know some days seem heavy, some chaotic and some weary. Hold tight to His truths, His promises, to His CROSS. He promises never to leave us not forsake us. He promises to be our ever present help in times of need. He promises to cover us with His wings and to be a safe place of refuge, of shelter. He promises to go before us to pave the way. He promises to level mountains and cut down bars of iron. He promises to uphold us with His righteous right hand and He promises us that He will be our strength when we are weak. He promises to take His potters hands and to mold us. He promises us that He will prune us, purify us and make beauty from our ashes. He promises to make all things beautiful in His timing and He promises that He will use ALL things for the good of the who love Him.

Stand your post. Stay steadfast in your faith. Do not waver and do not be dismayed. We serve a mighty and an all powerful God who calls us by name. A God that loves you immensely and a God that calls you God beloved. Keep your eyes focused on Him and the things above. Set your eyes on the prize set before you. Stand in a posture of praise and worship and listen to the gentle whispers He is speaking into your soul. Step out in obedience, in faith and watch your love story with Jesus unfold.

Walk in the victory of Jesus. Walk in His freedom. Surrender your will for His and allow Him to write your story. Remember He created you, and knows the desires of your heart. He knows the ordained plans for your life and the best chapters of YOU are still being written and are unfolding into a beautiful love story. Sit back, breathe in the goodness of Jesus and enjoy the ride. He is allowing you to experience the fullness of His love, so create opportunities to soak in His presence so you can truly launch into the exceedingly and abundantly more.

It is time to throw your nets into the deep, trusting that He is holding your hand, walking beside you and carrying you through.

Love y’all and happy Sunday. Know I am here for you and praying you through ❤️