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The song, “Stand in LOVE” has been singing in my soul all morning as I am being faced with some fiercely raw emotions. 

Faith over fear? Sometimes the action of those words seem easy to live out but some days I am on my knees reminding myself my faith and His love are the only things I have to grasp and that those two things need to overshadow the intense fear that is faced before me. 

This past week I have continuously had to surrender intense anxieties over to the Lord as I have been faced with a slew of life defining and pivotal circumstances. I have received heartbreaking phone calls, I have been faced with difficult decisions, I have embraced my children as they cried their eyes out, I have had intentional conversations with Avery, Jordyn and Jace and I have had to go to bat for them both in the flesh and in the spiritual realm. I have some heavy, but amazing things on my plate, and I am about to undergo some life altering changes that are truly leaving me in a vulnerable and unstable place.  

To be honest, I have been hanging on by a thread. Meaning, I know all that is before me and I have tried to dodge the billet of pain. I have kept myself busy so I wouldn’t have to face the gut wrenching raw emotions that were placed before me. Knowing I needed to be still before God, knowing I needed quiet time with Him, knowing I needed to be in prayer and petition and in His Word, I seemed to find any and all excuses not to be. 

My faith was present but the fear of what was and what was to come was beginning to overshadow any glimpse of light that was trying to shine through. 

Fear of my appearance, fear of failing, fear of rejection, fear of disappointing my children, fear that I didn’t do enough in that one relationship, fear I didn’t show up when I should have, fear I might have said the wrong thing or that I said too much, and the list just goes on. 

These “fears” are all feels I have been walking through this week and last night, as my body was trembling and shaking as I truly had no control over any of this, I took my glasses off, rolled over in my bed to go to sleep and I CRIED out to God, “LORD PLEASE help me. I need you and I need you to pour down your shalom peace in and through me.”

So, I went to sleep and woke up with this song singing in my soul. My fear doesn’t stand a chance when I stand in your love. TRUTH. Perfect love casts out all fear and He is perfect love. However, until we experience Him in that fear, again, those actions are sometimes HARD to walk out. 

So today, I want to encourage you all who are heavy on my heart and are walking through the trenches of life and fear is trying to creep it’s way in. God has you and has all you are being faced with. Do not feel as though your faith isn’t strong or unwavering. The enemy is on the loose and he is trying to derail you and he is trying to cause so much confusion, chaos and turmoil in your life that he is trying to blind you from the truth. 

Y’all I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Find your tribe of people who will see you struggling, that see the intense fear within your soul and that will not judge you but that will love on you, bring you into the presence of the Lord and that will remind you of His truths in Scripture. If you don’t have your tribal already, be in prayer for God to send you them, it’s ok, I pray all the time for mine and for Godly people in my life to guide me, fight for me and and to go before me. He has you, trust ME. 

Allow God to sing a song into your soul today. Be still enough to hear the sweet lullaby He is playing for you and be still enough to see all He is unfolding before you. Don’t create busy to try and run for the deep emotions of pain. Allow Him to meet you in the pain so you can truly breathe in and embrace His truths that His perfect love DOES  

Cast out all fear. Because when you allow Him to meet you in the rawest part of your emotions and you allow Him to bind up and heal all the brokenness and fear, you will find indescribable freedom in Him. You will Experience His shalom peace and you will experience a LOVE you have never experienced before. 

It’s a reality and truth I am walking and living out right now and it’s one I want you all to join me in. Let’s skip, gallop and RUN into His arms and allow Him to shower us with His all consuming, lavishing love as we fall deeper and deeper in love with HIM

He has us all in the palms of His hands and He will never leave us not forsake us. Take a leap of faith and allow Him to catch you as you fall into His arms. God is faithful and God is good 

Y’all have an abundantly blessed day and let’s pray one another through