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The moments that you know are God orchestrated and appointed. The moments when God allows you to see a glimpse of how deeply He loves you and that moment each one of your children is alone in your presence and you see the anointed glow over their life. The moment you get teary eyed because their BEAUTY is breathtaking and the moment when you hold each one of them tight because you embrace that fact that God entrusted you to be their momma and to love on them like no other. The moments that you embrace them and tell them how much you love them and how very proud you are of them and the moments you see their face light up and their  demeanor change because the words you just spoke over them impacted and transformed their hearts. The moments they hold on tight to you and let you know how blessed they are to have you as their mom.. these moments right here overflow my heart in abundance and these moments are sometimes so overlooked because we are sooo busy. Today I was still enough to allow God to speak to my heart profoundly and my heart skipped a beat when each of my children cuddled up with me in bed and He showed me the depths of His love for each of us.
Today God orchestrated divine moments with each of my children and today I sat in awe as a deeper love was imparted into my soul.  Today footprints were made that transformed our lives.
Sometimes God allows us to get sick, injured, or even need a surgical procedure so we can slow down to truly embrace and breathe in ALL He has for us. Take time to enjoy the moments because they are truly precious and such a treasure. I am beyond thankful for TODAY..

James 1:17 Every good and perfect gift is from above