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In the midst of another storm and another faith walk, I sit in awe today of Gods faithfulness and love for me. I am overwhelmed by who he is, who is promises to be and for saving me out of the depths of darkness into his glorious light.

As I think about how I was born into a Jewish and after many devastating trials, struggles and failures, when I couldn’t breath any longer and I couldn’t find hope in anything, he came and rescued me. He brought me from death to life and he completed me. I am blessed beyond measure that I am Jewish and that I know Jesus as my savior. It literally brings chills throughout my inner being and the thought of how he orchestrated who I am, from birth into this world to then birth into him, absolutely blows my mind. I was chosen and then chosen again. I am blessed beyond measure.

As my spirit is overjoyed with love and with HIM today I want to stand on top of the mountains and proclaim how awesome he is. I want everyone to know he is the I AM and I want everyone to experience how great he truly is. How he meets you, loves on you, accepts you for where you are and who you are and how he resurrects and redeems all the broken and shattered pieces that are scattered within.

My word of encouragement for you today is this… Soak him in. Soak in all he has to offer and soak up his creation, the beauty around you. Take time today to be still enough to hear, seek and find him. He is all around you and he wants to speak into the depths of your soul. He wants you to be reignited in HIM and he wants that fire that once burned to be in full flame again. He wants you to draw closer to him and he wants to lavish you with an incredible amount of love. Those little things that you might have over looked, don’t today. Stop in your tracks and allow him to breathe life back into the place you have been gasping for air.

He chose YOU. He wants YOU he desires YOU. Allow him to shower you with his unconditional, unfailing love and watch how you are healed and transformed. His love conquers all things and makes old things new. Trust in him today. Take a leap of faith and if you haven’t given your life over to him yet, today would be a great day.

I love you deeply and he love you in abundance ❤️❤️