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We don’t always know the why in the midst of our trails, in the midst of our storms, in the midst of the heartache, the pain and the unknown but in the why we find the healing hands of God. It’s in the why we lean in closer, our faith is strengthened and we experience His unwavering love. It’s in the why we surrender our will to His and it is in the why that redemption, resurrection and victorious freedom births forth. It’s in the dark valley we are stripped of the things that we believe we need to clothe ourselves with and it’s in the depths of the valley that we see a glimpse of light that seems to shine brighter than ever before. It is in the pit of the valley that we cling to the hem of His garment and to the cross with every ounce of strength we have and it’s is in the valley we seem to find the streams of water that not only quench our thirst, but a living water that rehydrates or dehydrated souls. 

Today I pray that all the heartache, all the persecution, all the wounds that have been endured will be looked at and approached with a new perspective as you heal through the cross. Know He has chosen you for these battle wounds and know when your open, bleeding wounds become scars, not only will you be able to breathe deeper with a reassurance that He is fighting on your behalf, making all things new, but you will be able to lead other to the redemptive power of the cross, to the unfailing love of Jesus Christ. 

Our wounds tell a story. Allow God to resurrect your story. Do not allow your story to be one of the poisonous snake bite that tainted your blood. Let your story be one of the anointed healing blood of Jesus, that cleansed you, purified you, and brought you back to life. Allow your battle wounds, allow your scars to be the testimony of Gods greatness and His goodness. Allow your wounds to be the ones that set other people free. Remember wounded people wound. Also remember the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. BUT, Jesus came to shed His blood so that you may experience His resurrected power as He heals you, sets you free, and brings you redemptive freedom. Walk in that today as you breathe in His goodness for He is called you, is preparing you and equipping you for the more, for such a time as this. 

Praying in a posture of surrendered faith as you throw in your net and you proclaim, come Holy Spirit come. Praying as as He awakens dry bones, makes beauty from ashes, graves from gardens and turns your mourning into dancing. His mercies are new every morning. He is faithful, His grace is sufficient and He is your strength. Cling to Him and your hope, your faith your desire for more, He will meet you and He will redeem it all. 

Covering you, going before you and interceding on your behalf. 

Sending big Jesus love and hugs your way