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This song by Bethel Music has been on repeat in my soul and on my playlist because this is exactly the season my family is in right now, in the waiting and to say its a hard season to be in, well that is just an understatement.

Last night I was messaging with a friend about this very thing, being in the waiting and all night long I prayed for His hand, provision and for His guidance as we wait patiently to hear His voice on the next steps in our journey.

As I prayed It was heavy on my heart to share this because there is someone out there that needs to hear this and be encouraged today. I don’t know where you are at in your journey. If you are waiting on a career move, financial security, if your health is uncertain and you are waiting on answers from the doctors, if you just received devastating news about a family member, your health, whatever it is and you are on your knees in desperation, seeking Him and His divine plan for your life, needing
answers, needing Him to show up because your soul is shaken, I want to encourage you with this.

I get it, It’s hard to be in the waiting. Things are uncertain, there is a loss of control, doubt creeps in and anxiety and fear sometimes gets the best of you. But when we pray fervently for His will and to be in alignment for the plan He has orchestrated out in our lives, when we hear His whispers and experience the peace only He can give us and provide, then we know He has showed up and showed off and it’s easier, even though we might be kicking and screaming in the process, to Walk In the divine anointed plan He has already laid out for us.

The waiting is hard, but it’s in the waiting we lean into Him, seek Him and experience Him in deeper more profound ways. It’s in the waiting when we can turn to the world for quick answers, self satisfying answers or we can turn to Him for wisdom, strength, patience and know we are one with Him. That we are in alignment for His desires and designs for or lives and it’s when we seek Him, we see His anointed hand over our lives, guiding and directing, making NO mistakes in the process.
It’s in the waiting He is our strength in our weakness and It’s in the waiting we yearn for Him, we yearn to hear His voice and we yearn to walk HIS yellow brick road.

Praying for you all today as you seek Him and lean into Him. Praying for the veil to be taken off your eyes so you can see clearly the road He is wanting you to travel and praying your ears are open to hear even the quietest of whispers He is speaking into your soul. Praying for divine and anointed encounters, and praying even in the midst of devastation you see His anointed hand over your life as He is protecting and guiding you. Praying while in the waiting His army of angels surrounds you to encourage you, lift you up and continuously position and reposition you before Him. Praying while in the waiting you see His face glistening brighter than you have ever experienced before, because it’s in the waiting we are purified, redeemed and we draw closer to Him. It’s in the waiting our lives are pieced back together and it’s in the waiting we are transformed more and more into who He has called us to be.

Take courage today in knowing He is going before you, paving the path, holding your hand and guiding you every step of the way. He has not left you or forgotten about you, He is refining you in the process and what He has for you, the plans He has designed, orchestrated and blueprinted out for your life is far beyond what you could possibly ever imagine. Wait with a heart of praise, wait with a heart of expectancy and wait with a heart knowing that you can do all things through Christ who strengths you and that the Best is yet to come.

Listen to this song in a quiet place today and soak in, breathe in all that God wants to pour out onto you. Praying profound revelations.. Praying all this in His anointed, all mighty, perfumes name AMEN. Love you BIG