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For those of you who are walking through a storm right now, and for those who are feeling hopeless, broken, grieving, or dismantled by life, take the mask off your face and give yourself permission to not be OK.

Not being OK does not mean that you are weak. It means you need to sit in the not OK. It means you need to sit in the grief, in the hopelessness, in the brokenness, in the “I thought it was supposed to look different.” It means you need to step away from the noise of the world, go to the mountaintop with Jesus and wrestle some things out with God.

Listen, it is through the not OK, through brokenness, through the wrestle that we meet and encounter God in transforming ways. It is through our not OK, through the breaking that we find out who Jesus is to us personally. It is through the breaking that the BEST work is done in and through us. It is in the not OK that Jesus lifts us back up, pours His living water into our dehydrated souls and it is in the not OK that we are remolded into His image.

For those of you that think you have to keep up this I am fine demeanor, or the I have it all together, I have this under control attitude, well it is time for you to recognize that you are wearing multiple masks to try and hide behind the insecure truth of your not being OK. It is time for you to rip off the multilayered, multifaceted masks you have been wearing as security and rebuke them ALL, commanding them to flee to the foot of the cross.

You see, masks cover up what is deeply hurting. Masks distract you from dealing with your pain, with your NOT OK. Masks make you look outwardly pretty and as if you have it all together while on the inside you are shattered into a million pieces, barely keeping your head above water. Masks show a fake persona of the truth deep within, making you a slave to the hopelessness that entangles your heart.

Today, step out in faith and boldly speak the truth of your circumstances to someone you trust. Allow them into that confined and scared place within your heart, letting them know you are breaking and not OK. Allow Jesus to meet you wherever you are and allow Him to show His face to you in healing ways. Take whatever masks you are wearing off and allow Jesus to see the part of you that is in desperation of Him.

He will meet you. He will be your strength, and your strong tower as you wrestle out the weaknesses of not being ok. He will love you in exponential ways and He will be a safe place of refuge as you are warring for your freedom.

Take that leap of faith, surrendering all of you to all of Him today and watch Him create beauty from ashes.

Trust in the process. Trust in the unfolding. Trust you are not alone. Trust in the shedding off of the masks so you are able to recognize the true you, the hurting you and the broken you. Allow God to meet you in your not OK so He can create a beautiful masterpiece out of what you may have believed to be hazardous waste.

Remember God uses all things for His glory and His kingdom for all those who believe in Christ Jesus. Trust in His faithfulness. Trust that He will never leave you nor forsake you and trust that He is that good ALL THE TIME.

Great is THY faithfulness ❤️

Love you ALL and praying you through.

Please message me, text me or call me with any prayer requests. Know I have your back, that I am standing in the gap and I am praying for you on the frontlines of the battlefield.

Picture credit: Randy Fath