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The above picture is from the fundraiser John created to help with travel and medical expenses. You can go to the site if the Lord leads and please continue to pray for all of us.

I just want to thank everyone that has heard the prompting of the Holy Spirit and have blessed us beyond. My ER visit last week was beyond scary for all involved and I honesty thought it was my time for Jesus to take me home. But those weren’t in His plans.

These past few days have been very challenging for me. I am trying to rest sko I continue on this healing journey but when I “over do” it and by that I mean going out yesterday being in a wheelchair and today crawling upstairs to sit with my family as they were playing and sorting out some laundry, was way too much of a stress for my healing body. Tremors came back in full force and I learned that as I speak for a long duration of time my speech gets slurred and prolonged. I had a complete meltdown. I thought I was better than I actually am and to understand and grasp I have no control right now pretty much over anything, well let’s say it’s a humbling experience. BUT this is how amazing God is. As I was balling my eyes out my wonderful husband calmed me down and Avery who has not left my side, cuddled up to me and we just had a good God talk. I explained to her that no matter what we face in life, even my health issues that God is bigger than whatever we face. She said well I am scared He won’t heal you, I just want you to feel better. With my heart breaking I said God allows certain things to happen to us so that people around can see how big deep and wide His love is for us and that He always shows up in HIS perfect timing. She got it. I will be healed and it will be in HIS perfect timing. Jordyn shared she gets scared, sad and feels alone when i am sick and have to go to the hospitals and I reminded her that He is always with her and me. Protecting, comforting, healing and His love will get us through the toughest of days
so, yes this season is extremely hard. I want to do things I physically cannot do, simple things like walking to the bathroom, playing with my kids etc. but in the midst of my heartache God has shown up in amazing ways, reminding me and my family that He has this, He has us and that He is walking this out with us. Never leaving us nor forsaking us. We serve a God of compassion and empathy. A God that moves mountains and heals the wounded and broken-hearted. We are in a season of physical illness and being broken-hearted and HE, God is just lavishing us with an abundant amount of peace and calm through the storm, lavishing us with His unshakable love.
Thank you all again my heart is truly overwhelmed with the outpouring of love And support. Our journey of healing is far from over but there will be a day when I will stand up and I will be healed. There is no doubt in my mind. Thank you for traveling with us, your prayers, love, donations well you have truly been the hands and feet of God. continuing to give Him ALL the praise and Glory. For NOTHING is impossible through Christ Jesus.

This is not the journey we would have chosen but our prayer is that we walk it out with our eyes focused on the Lord praising Him, praying others come into a deeper relationship with HIM and accept HiM into their hearts. God is simply and truly the greatest gift I have ever received.