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I sit here in awe of how truly blessed I Am and how God poured down His loving embrace when my dying, desolate soul was drowning in the trenches of the waters, reaching out His anointed hand, pulling me out of the storms, rescuing me and LOVING me back to life. He held me tight and loved on me so deeply, carrying me into His presence until I saw Him face to face, receiving Him into my soul and I have not looked back since. He called me to Him, He called me home, He called me His beloved and His daughter as He held His arms wide open adopting me into His family. I was lost BUT He found me and gave me a second chance to breathe again. To find out whom I am and to whom I belong and He gave me a second chance to heal from my brokenness to live in His freedom from His love. God is LOVE and I am so blessed He chose me.