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Where does your identity lie? As believers our identity should undoubtably be in Christ. So, if Christ placed someone or something on our hearts and it’s our calling to become more and more like HIM, being a reflection of him and his love, then why wouldn’t we obey him, the desires he places on our hearts and submit to him in following through with these convictions? For one it shows obedience to him and his authority and second it blesses us through this obedience, therefore we see the fruits of our labor and our faith increases. As our faith increases we are lead to share our testimony of his faithfulness and goodness, which then leads others to know the light and hope of Christ.

Isn’t this whats it’s all about? Our willingness to trust him to use us, mold us and shape us into Jesus in the flesh. For us to be purified, refined and redeemed. For the Lord to entrust us with a little, see how we receive and respond to his nudge on our hearts, to experience his faithfulness, watch our own faith increase, praise and proclaim His goodness and lead others to know HIM?

It’s time to step up as Christians and make an impact and difference in the world we are living amongst. We need to be still enough to hear his voice and feel the tug on our souls. It’s time to be obedient to what God is calling us to do and it’s time to lead the masses to experience and know a Father that will love, cherish and adore them unconditionally. Its time to proclaim his high and holy name and its time that every knee shall bow and every voice shall proclaim that HE is LORD..