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Yes yes yes.. 

With feelings of despair, weariness and depression, God reminded me of these promises as I had my quiet time with HIM today. He overwhelmed me with these powerful truths as He poured down His shalom peace over my shaky soul. 

There are moments in time where I feel as though I am loosing this battle. Times when I feel defeated, shattered and the light at the end of the tunnel seems so dim that I can hardly find a safe path to walk. 

Today was a pity party day for me. Hard to admit that but it’s the truth. There are things I want to do, things that should have been done already and things that were supposed to be BIG for me and my ministry that I had to postpone or cancel. The things I had “planned,” the things I believed God had opened up for ministry have come to a screeching standstill. That is hard for me to breathe in but I know God is sharpening me and my faith for journey ahead. 

When I was crying out to God today, seeking His wisdom and discernment on what my next steps in Him were, He brought me to these verses. He reminded me that even though I feel that all the waves of the life are crashing down on me, I will NOT be crushed. He reminded me that even though the cellar of my soul is in chaos, I am not in despair. Although I feel persecuted and lonely at times, I have not been abandoned and even though the enemy is coming at me in full force, I will not and am NOT struck down. 

His promises are truth and and they are the foundation in which I stand. When the missiles of life come charging at me with fierce fire trying and destroy me, I may get rattled a little but the flames are never hot enough to set me ablaze. God is ALWAYS in the storm, in the fire, in the waters with me to protect me and carry me through.

So I stand with my arms high and my heart abandoned in awe of the one who gave it all. I stand my soul Lord to you surrender, all I am is YOURS (HIS)

I don’t know what you are walking through today. I don’t know if you are in the battle of your life or if you are in an amazing place. Wherever you are, my prayer for you is that you have an episodic encounter with God that transforms you and shifts your atmosphere. I pray you receive a revelation through the Holy Spirit and that you take that leap of faith you have been questioning and teetering on. Praying you can breathe in the overflowing sweet aroma of His blissful fragrance as He carries you through your situations and that He would lead you to a place where you fall on your knees in praise and worship for HIM. Praying for unexpected blessings and praying you hear the whispers of His angelic voice as He sings the love song He has written out for YOUR life. 

Spend time with Him tonight and allow Him in to the places you have walled up and shut down. Hold onto His truths and promises and allow Him to protect you under His wings. Trust and surrender it over to HIM, Your promise land is awaiting 

Love y’all big