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Oh how I LOVE this.. Please please please hold onto this truth. When you state I AM and there is something negative that follows like I am a failure, I am fat, I am ugly, I am unworthy you are CLAIMING that to be who you are. You are claiming that as your identity and that is soooo far from the truth. The only thing that you are is a Child of God.. Think about it. Scripture over and over warns us about the power of the tongue how it is like a two edge sword, bringing life and death.. The words we speak about ourselves are hurting us, wounding us more, placing shame and guilt over ourselves and these words are stealing and destroying the true identity in which God has placed forth over your life. Where in scripture does it say you are a failure, a lost cause, ugly, undesirable, unworthy??? It doesn’t but what it does say is I Am the great I Am. That you are HIS and that you are precious, loved, worthy, healed, amazing, perfectly and wonderfully made. That you are redeemed, set free, and that you are His BELOVED, His most beautiful prize possession.
Breathe all of that in. Hold onto it and grasp it, embrace it and honestly never let go of it.
Yes there are days when you feel down, maybe like you have failed at something or maybe a time when you feel unattractive but PLEASE do not ever tell yourself I AM unless you are telling yourself you are a Child of the One true King. The one who hems you in before and after, the one whom reaches out His anointed healing hands to carry you through, the one whom calls you by name and the one whom has an exquisite blueprint for your life, plans to prosper you and to give you hope.
As I tell my children when they start with their negative, unscriptural I AM’s, the only thing I want to hear come out of your precious mouths when claiming I AM’s is this.. I AM strong, I AM courageous, I AM worthy, I AM loved, I AM HIS and I CAN do ALL things through Christ that strengthens ME ???
Be blessed in abundance today and remember your identity is in Him and it is to Him that you belong ????