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Anyone else????l I mean the words to this song are spot on TRUTH.

This is an area in my life God is really working with me on. My go to, safe, protective answers are, “I am ok. I am fine. I am good, always am.” But truth be told I am NOT. I am BROKEN. There are times I am flat on my face yet do not feel safe enough to share with anyone because I have seen so many flee my life because of the “damaged Alison” So we, or should I say I, have learned to put on the mask of I am ok, not truly revealing my true broken self because of the fear of rejection, abandonment and loneliness. I have realized throughout this past season in life to strip that mask off, fully being who God created me to be, accepting all the wounds, blood stains and scars. I have learned to look at my reflection in the mirror and truly LOVE what I see instead of being disappointed. Because in my not ok, I have seen Gods anointed healing hands at work in ways I never thought possible. He has taken me to a deeper place, one I yearn for, one I desperately desire.

Listen to this song. Listen to the words and if it resonates with you, if it taps into a delicate, vulnerable, and what may feel like an exposed place within your soul, pay attention to that. Go before the Lord and allow Him to meet you at your well.

I will be starting a small group to connect. A place where we can come together. A place where we can learn to be vulnerable. A place where we don’t feel alone. A place we can come alongside one another to weep with one another and rejoice with one another. A safe place we can say I AM NOT OK, I AM BROKEN.

If you would like to be a part of this group, DM me, text me, call me, whatever. Because what I am not ok with is that there are soo many who are hurting, who put on a happy face when they are broken, and are just crumbling inside. There are so many that are tired of wearing a multitude of masks because the depths of pain runs so deep. The feeling of loneliness is overwhelming, the grief numbs you and you just need a place of refuge, to be acknowledged and to be known. If that is you, KNOW you are not alone. I am here for you but most of all God is there, walking this out with and for you. Remember it is through our pain and our brokenness that we find Him, His love and His holiness ?

Praying you all through ?❤️