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Here are things as of today. I am wheelchair bound for now. Every time I try to walk on my own I walk into walls or fall down. A hard place to be mentally. BUT the doctor I saw yesterday was fabulous. He switched my meds to calm down the tremors so he would be able to do a spinal tap. He is too nervous to proceed with it now, with all the tremors and shaking and doesn’t want to paralyze me. Thank you Jesus. HE also is sending me to a lung specialist to get a biopsy from my diaphragm since most of the tremors are beginning there.

Wowzers never in a million years would I expect to be in a wheelchair at 42, even if for a season. I will be putting a video together about it later on. Continued prayers for me and my family. For HE truly is our strength when we are weak. Thank you all. Writing is hard for me right now, as I feel as I am loosing my fine motor skills,  so I am keeping it short. Love visitors so feel free to come and love on me and with me.

OH we got into see a specialist at UT Southwestern June 2 praying there is a cancellation and we can get there sooner. Also my cousin has a contact at Mayo in Arizona and can get us in there. Please pray for that (sooner than later) and that we have the finances to do so. God IS good all the time so I know He won’t fail us this time. Please Please Please pray for theses appointments I want to be somewhat normal again

Greater HE who is in my than he who is in the world 1 John 4:4

LOVE LOVE LOVE you all for fighting with me and for me… You are truly representing the body of Christ…