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Here is the reality. God created us in his image. He desires a deep relationship with each of us and places a light in each of us to burn bright. The purity of that flame is often times dimmed out by the hurts, wounds, rejection and abandonment we face. We search high and low for the source of that light to be reignited because we thirst for love and to be loved. When those core needs aren’t met, we tend to travel and look in the wrong direction because we find we can be valued, wanted and needed but it’s in a wrong dysfunctional way.

Unfortunately those that continue to get hurt and not deal with the pain that exists, stronger walls build around us and the more dysfunctional we become. Some turn to violence, drugs, alcohol whatever it is to somehow ease the pain. If we truly lived and walked out the Christian walk, the way God intended we as a culture would love, embrace and take in all these broken souls and pour life and love back into their lives, showing them where their identify and value come from and whom that is in. However we have shied away from dealing with our feelings and emotions and we have more often then not disassociated from them. Leaving a wide open gap for the enemy to come in and create a false self, false value and false identity. We are blinded by the truth, Gods truth because the wounds and hurts are so deep and painful that we would rather get instant gratification than deal with the suppressed pain and then the vicious cycle continues.

The bottom line is God is the only one that can redeem and resurrect all of this but it’s our calling to position the broken and lost before God so they can encounter this healing. Once healed and once they have an episodic encounter, a positive one, those lost and broken souls will be transformed never wanting to turn back.

With many families there has been so much conflict, abandonment, and rejection that has been ignored to a large extent. People act out because they are breaking inside, most are completely broken, and it’s their cry for help.  For they don’t know any other way. They need breakthroughs and they need truth in who they are, who they are created to be and know that nothing that they have done would ever take away the depth of love God has for them. If people truly grasped and understood this truth, miracles would be occurring in mass production.

The enemy thrives on the weak and the broken. He twists and tangles all things and is an exceptional con artist to those who don’t know the truth. Unfortunately way to many people have fallen victim to the enemies tactics and many people, even those who proclaim they are walking with the Lord, get diverted by him because they don’t want to tap into their own brokenness.

I truly believe that we will not look different or be set apart until we come face to face with this simply reality. We cannot become more like Christ, sharing and spreading his love, taking in the widowed and orphaned until we deal with our own issues. Meaning we need to go before the Lord and get emotionally healed from the wounds, pains and hurts we have encountered. You will find others will stop being your friends and you will be ridiculed at times but here is the truth. We shouldn’t leave church saying that was a good message. We should leave church being rocked and convicted, wanting to lean in closer to him and his truths so he can redeem and resurrect what was dying inside. When others get offended with the truth we speak, that’s on them. That is their own convictions and you will never be able to make things right because when God is at work and the Holy Spirit is moving, well then nothing will stop them. Most need to be at rock bottom and feel that conviction in order for change to take place.

But for now, as you can probably hear and sense my passion for this, we are to go before the Lord, be bare naked before him and ask him to purify and redeem the wide open wounds in your soul that burn so intensely. We must ask for him to give new life to those areas, for him to meet us there and to speak love and truth to the areas that have been hiding and believing lies. When we can come to a place of freedom, where we don’t dwell in the past but press forward or when triggered by the enemy we can say, “ok Lord let’s go at this again'” instead of taking 20 steps back and dwelling in that place again, we will then know, see and experience the anointed, impactful, powerful, healing of God.

Nothing, I mean nothing that you have done or will do will ever separate you, disqualify you or abandon you from his great, unfailing love. It’s time we recognize how broken and hurt we are and how broken this world is. It’s time we act as Jesus in the flesh, not judging but embracing all that God positions before us. It’s time to love in ways that he has loved you and it’s time to become selfless so that others can experience a transforming encounter with our ever so present, all encompassing, faithful, loving God.

My heart is passionate about seeing a revival in healing for the lost and broken. It’s what I feel called to speak about, write about and live out because when we go before the Lord and wrestle with him and experience the freedom that comes from the depth of true healing, you will be able to spread your testimony with an incredible amount of love and HOPE. I know this because I have lived this. The depth of pain I have walked through in my life is unreal. I walked down many dark roads and I hit rock bottom, a place where not only was I slowly dying inside but a place where I wanted to end my life because the pain was unfathomable. But then HE found me or should I say I found HIM. I had to experience deep pain to experience His deep love. I believe this is truly where my transformation occurred.  I was so defeated, so broken and so lost but in that broken pain I was able to see his glistening face shining down on me. His hand was reaching out and I grabbed onto it so tightly because it was truly the only thing from keeping me from sinking. I was revived and from that point on, although there have been many bumps and bruises along the journey, I have never let go of his hand because HE has been and continues to be the driving force that has carried me through the darkest of days.

The reality and truth is this.  There is hope in Christ. Things are redeemed, resurrected and things that you never thought could be possible are possible through him. Trust, seeks and you will find hope and healing in HIM