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Not sure where you are at today in your journey.. If you are struggling, barely keeping your head above water. Seeking, begging and praying for a breakthrough, desperately needing a miracle or you are coasting through the days, I want you to hold tight to this truth and this PROMISE. He performs wonders and miracles, so much that they can’t be counted. Amazing amazing truth to reignite your hope. He loves you deeply and He is walking this out with you, guiding you and leading you. He tells us in Joshua not to fear but to be strong and courageous. Praying today that whatever you are facing you are able to face it head on knowing He is performing miracles, crashing waves of His love over you and that He will strengthen you, giving you the strength and courage to conquer any and all obstacles. He loves BIG and has you under His wing. Trust Him to carry you and lead the way ?❤?