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My prayer for you today is that you truly comprehend and embrace the depths of love that God has for you. That as you walk in His grace that you see all the beautiful things He has placed around you and you can walk in the reassurance that He is with you, holding your hand, never leaving not forsaking you. That when you take a deep breath in, that He fills you and that you step into the supernatural anointing He has upon your life. Embrace Him, His presence and be still until you grasp how deep, how long and how wide His love is for you.

He loves you so deeply and passionately and you so desires for you to sit on His lap, lay your head on His chest and hear His heartbeat for you. Allow Him to lavish you with His love and allow Him to transform you from the inside out. When you truly experience His unfailing, unwavering unconditional love, you will never want to step away from it, it’s POWERFUL.

Covering you all in His blood. Amen to His high and holy name

love you all xoxoxoxo