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My fabulous friend Trudy just posted this picture and as soon as I saw it God just spoke in volumes ??

Ok what I LOVE about this picture is this.. the sunlight is shining down and there is a direct line shining down to the ground, shining on, zooming onto one little spec which in the picture is in a glistening green light.

Isn’t that sooo God. We may be living our lives feeling like a little spec, a little piece of dirt in a big pile, being overlooked, overseen, never noticed. But God shines down His light upon us, beaming down His ever so present love and when it connects with us, we stand out amongst the pile, amongst the crowd and we begin to light up again, we begin to shine..
what others may overlook, God says nope, I see you, you are there and you are MINE.
This little light of mine, I AM going to let it shine..

Gish I needed this today. I have been in the wilderness asking God does He see me and this right here, is confirmation of YES He does. No matter how overwhelming life gets He is there to shine His ever so present glistening light right down upon you to reignite a fire, a flame, LIFE.

I don’t know where you are at today, but breathe in This magnificent, FABULOUS photo and know there isn’t a day, a moment or even a second that goes by that God doesn’t see you and that He isn’t shining His glorious light down upon you. Don’t run but be still enough so you can inhale all He has for you because His light will cause you to BEAM.. You are LOVED, you are His child and He is well pleased with YOU.