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These past few days I have been HOT emotional mess. I have been extremely irritable and sad while feelings of rejection and being unworthy have crept in and have put me in a place of isolation.

I have contributed my “mood” to the steroids they have me on for pneumonia but to be honest I believe it’s more than that. In fact I know it’s more. The enemy has been coming at me in all sorts of directions and as I have been walking around with a deep lump in my throat waiting for the floodgates to open so the tears can flow, I KNOW God is going before me, moving mountains in extraordinary ways. 

There are moments in time things around us get extremely dark and we feel as though we can hardly breathe. We know the enemy is attacking but the day to day, moment by moment activities sometimes seem unbearable. My encouragement to you today is CLING to the cross.  He is sovereign and good and I know if you lean into Him, He will shower you with His promises, truths and His lavishing LOVE. He is faithful, He is love and He PROMISES that He turns our ashes into beauty and our mourning into dancing. 

He says in John 1:5 “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” Darkness will never overcome the light. His light, even if it seems dim, will always be shining to lead and guide your way. Allow Him to be your night light. Allow Him to take your hand as you travel your dark and windy road and allow Him to pour His radiance down upon your situation. 

I know today I am choosing to position myself around all things HIM. I am choosing faith over fear. I am choosing to find joy in the midst of my crankiness and I am choosing His light as I know it WILL overcome this dark cloud I seem to be walking under. I am choosing to tune out the the enemy and all the lies he is trying to feed my head with and I am choosing to sanitize my mind, body and soul with HIS purifying, anointed blood.  

Being in the dark is never a fun place to be but when you follow His path and walk In His light, the revival you will experience is breathtaking. So thankful for the light and hope in HIM. 

Praying y’all through ?❤️??