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My incredible friend Trudy posted this picture she took back in June and I took a screen shot of it and I honestly think about this picture all the time when I am having a bad day. It has become a safe place for me and my soul..

The layers of vibrant colors, the majestic beauty is just WOW. Lord take me there, NOW ???

There is so much in the breathtaking photo that captures the depths of my soul. Yet the simplicity that keeps me in awe is this: amongst the gorgeous mountains, exuberant flowers and all around blissful beauty stands a little town, where people live and come and go. Some might truly appreciate the beauty around them but most probably overlook it.This picture just reminds me of just how busy our lives get, how we are always on the go doing one thing after the other and that in the business of life, we sometimes overlook the beauty of His handiwork and of His creation. If we could stop and look around us, especially in the midst of our chaos, we would truly be able to stand in awe of God and His beauty that He has precisely and perfectly placed ALL around us. Oh how we so easily miss that, overlook that and forget it.

Today I pray that you stop and take a look around you. You might not have surroundings like this AMAZING picture but there is sooo much beauty around you. Stop, be still and Praise Him for the blessings you have received and those that WILL pour out over your life.

We have an inheritance in Him that will never perish, spoil or fade away, kept in heaven for us (1 Peter 1:4) and He has an unfailing, unshakable, unwavering LOVE for us. That being said, God has so many hidden treasures, riches stored up in secrets places, that He wants to give to US (Isaiah 45:3), that He so desires us to tap into.

What if the blessings and prayers you have been praying and asking for is right in front of your eyes?? What If God placed His exquisite beauty around you for you to be still enough to breathe all of Him in, to lean into Him and what if He placed you in the middle of His creation just so you could simply know that He is Lord, the God of Israel who has summons YOU, yes YOU by NAME.

There is a divine purpose for your life. He knows your hearts desires, the cries of your heart and He knows YOU by name. Praying today you seek and find Him. Praying an overflow of abundant blessings and praying you close your eyes, take a deep breath and thank Him for the beauty within you and the beauty all around you.
YOU are a child of God
He is pleased with YOU.
Y’all be consumed with Him and His beauty today. Love y’all BIG ???