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As I was driving this morning I looked up and the sky was filled with clouds. Not a hint of blue was to be seen but there before my eyes was the sun trying to make its way through the cloudy sky to be noticed and seen. Yet, it’s brightness was covered with a glaze and I wasnt able to see how powerful and bright the sun truly was.

And then God spoke. This is how most live their lives. In cloudiness and confusion. They try to do so much on their own and life becomes a daze, cluttered with anxiety, stress and most are just trying to keep their heads above water just trying to make it through the day. Yet, they never look up to see me and I stay behind the clouds. ¬†Even though I try to break through them so they could see how powerful, vibrant and strong my presence is, they keep me hidden, in a far distance. They can see me, they know I am there but they don’t tap into the source of true light. They don’t uncover the depth of my strength, power of hope, light and life I can breathe into them. If the clouds would just move a little and I could be seen fully, the resurrection in ones life would be so transforming they would have nothing else to do but proclaim my goodness.

Wowzers.. How powerful is that? If we would uncover the veil over our eyes, remove all the confusion and cloudiness that blurs our vision, allow him and his strength and power to be the true source of our light, we would be redeemed, resurrected and transformed. We would have a new found hope in him and we would live life with a clear, focused reassurance that He will meet us, he will redeem even the worst of situations and that he would love, lead and direct each of our steps, even in the darkest, cloudiest of days.

I want to encourage you today to seek him. Allow him to show his face in your life and allow him to show you how exuberant, vibrant and all encompassing he truly is. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will guide every step of your life and he will set you free from the daze you are living in. He loves you so passionately and deeply and he wants to meet you, lavish you with his unfailing love and he wants you to give the control of your life over to him so he can renew all the things that have kept you from a deep relationship with him. Trust, seek and you will find a powerful, loving God who just adores every morsal of your being. Lean into him and let him embrace you with an unfathomable love. It’s time he breaks through the strongholds and barriers in your life that have kept you at a distance and it’s time you allow him to be Lord over your entire life. He is ready, are you?