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Praying for you today. Praying the shalom peace of God falls down upon you and saturates you with the radiant brilliance of His hope and light. Praying against anything the enemy is taunting you with. Any chaos, doubt, feelings of rejection, anger, bitterness, that they would flee to the cross in the mighty and all powerful name of Jesus.

Praying for clarity and wisdom in the hard pressing decisions that need to be made and praying that as you step out in obedience and faith, that you do so with your head held high, eyes focused on Him and that you stand firm with a strong and courageous spirit. Praying an overflow of Him, praying that no earthly circumstances would hinder you from the fulfillment of Gods truth and promises in your life.

Praying your mind, body and soul would find comfort in His WORD and that there would be a stillness in your inner most being as you know He is walking right beside you leading you to your promise land. Praying God would disperse an angel before you today that would bring clarity, strength and a reassurance to you that even though you might not visibly see the dynamic plans He has orchestrated out for your life, that He is working overtime on your behalf, unfolding it piece by piece. He has you under His wings and and He is soaring through the skies with you as He reveals to you just how big, mighty and powerful He is. Rest in knowing YOU are His beloved and He delights in YOU.

The pains, sufferings, the deep places of hurt, frustration, unforgiveness, those are all things He is purifying, redeeming and resurrecting in your life. Embrace the journey He is taking you on. He loves you so much that He is taking you through the refiners fire so you can walk in victorious freedom. Stand tall today with your arms open wide. He is pouring down an unfathomable amount of blessings upon you. Be still enough to receive all that He is showering upon you. Take a deep breath and inhale the riches of His goodness and faithfulness. Let that permeate through the deep places of your soul and allow Him heal the broken pieces. He will piece together all that has been shattered and the masterpiece He is creating will leave you in jaw dropping awe.

You are a treasure, a beautiful gem and He loves you deeply. Praying you can truly rest in His presence today and that you make that pivotal turn towards HIM. He will lead you beside quiet waters and He will refill your thirsty soul. Trust in HIM to carry you through. 

Love you BIG and praying all throw in His mighty and anointed name