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Have you ever stopped and thought about your circumstances as s gift from God? I am talking about the falls you have taken, the ditches you have been in, the mountains you have climbed and the days when you thought you just couldn’t take another breath.
Have you stopped to praise Him because He chose YOU. That He hand picked you, because He knew you would be the one to walk the hardest of days out with grace, praise and worship and He knew you would be the one to keep your eyes on Him, never losing focus of the prize. He knew you wouldn’t waver in whom you were and to whom you belong and He knew your story of how you climbed the mountain, the bruises you encountered along the way would be a testimony to how He showed up and showed off. How the tallest of mountains were moved and how He brought you to the top, to the peak and how you found profound freedom.
He says in scripture all we need is a mustard seed of faith and mountains can be moved. Are you willing to take the assignment God has given you, the one He has placed before you and walk it out knowing He chose YOU to be a witness of His faithfulness and goodness, sharing your testimony and leading others to the cross?
Breathe that in today. That He chose YOU, He has assigned YOU a mountain not only to purify you and draw you closer to Him, but to show others and lead others to the hope, light and redemption in Him. There are no mistakes or accidents, but there is divine purpose and you are part of His mighty plan to lead others to know His healing hand and infinite love.
Rest in that exquisite blissfulness today and watch how not only your atmosphere is changed, but how it changes for those around you.
Praying today you have a profound encounter with Him ❤️?❤️