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I feel like so many of us try and dismiss what we are walking through beacause we feel as though we don’t have enough faith or trust in God to truly take control and carry us through the eye of the storm we are facing.  The world, even Christians tell us to just forgive and let go, to move on and trust God and leave things in His hands, but the reality of it is that it is not that easy.

I am not saying we don’t need to come to a place of forgiveness, letting go and trusting God, believe me, WE DO, However, with each loss we face, each pain we encounter, each devastating trial we journey on, we need to realize the brokenness in it, embrace the disappointment and pain it has produced and truly allow the LORD to work in and through us. When we are in a place of despair and hopelessness, when we are drowning from the crashing waves of the storm, that doesn’t mean we have no faith or hope, in fact it means just the opposite. It means that we are REAL and that what we are walking through is real and hard and it sucks and if we just dismiss it I believe it opens the door for the enemy to come in to kill steal and destroy. There is sadness and grief in what we face and walk through and I believe it’s a real testament to our faith when we can truly face it head on, know where we are at in the struggle and when we can truly place it in the hands of Christ and see How He works in and through the circumstances and us, our faith is increased and we see His mighty hand and craftsmanship at work.
It’s an amazing thing to be broken and hurting only to be humbled by His love and grace
He is good ALL THE TIME and although we face and encounter HARD seasons in our lives, I sit back in awe and praise Him for choosing us to walk in and through the storms because when we truly allow HIM to do what only He can do and we humbly praise Him in the storm, lean onto and into Him and glorify Him through the process, amazing healing and freedom transpires.  That is what it means to take up your daily cross. That is what it means to truly trust in Him and His plans and that is what it means to die to self and to live in Him.
Love you precious friends YOU are a treasure ❤❤


Philippians 1:21 For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain