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When I think about all I have been through in my life, all that I have and all that is to come, my eyes welt up in tears with gratitude and thanksgiving. I sit in blissful awe of just how amazing and faithful God is and how He loves and redeems all things. I am thankful for all He has provided me with, and when I look at my life, I can’t help but be filled with hope and joy. I might not be “happy” everyday but I am THANKFUL for each day and I choose joy in Him.
Today I am blown away by the love He has showered me with and by the angels He has placed in my life to continuously remind me of how Great and awesome He is. Today I am thankful for each one of YOU.
Today I am thankful for my family and my friends who have loved me Hard and have encouraged me, lifted me up and who have fervently prayed for me.
Today I am thankful that I serve a loving, faithful God who calls each of us by name. That loves without condition and without boarders and a God who intercedes, resurrects, redeems and makes ALL things new. A God that says nothing is impossible through Christ Jesus who gives us strength. Who meets us in our brokenness, in our happiness and rejoices over us. I am thankful He loves me in my ugly and I am thankful for all He continues to bless me with. It is humbling to say the least.
My story, my journey is far from over but I am BLESED and thankful I get to walk it out with y’all and HIM.. simply an amazing GIFT
Today I pray each of you can sit before Him, in stillness and in awe of the mighty handiwork He has orchestrated in each of your lives and that you can rejoice in ALL things. I pray you can breathe Him in, in His fullness and that you can see where He has protected you, embraced you, healed you and set you free. I pray an outpouring of Him, an overflow of His amazing infinite love and I pray anointed blessings over your lives.
May today be a day of transformation and may today be a day you fall deeper in Love with HIM.
Praying profound thankfulness over and through you all..
Happy Thanksgiving I love y’all Big