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Grief… The uncharted territory that so very few of us trek through because we don’t give ourselves the permission to wrestle out the most desperate, intricate, and broken pieces of our souls with God.

Walking through grief is an uncomfortable place to be surrendered too. It’s a place where you have to take a close look at the grave clothes you have been wearing and it is a place you need to allow God in so He can purify out some of the deepest, most painful wounds you have endured. It’s a place where most people run from because grief is a process, a journey, a place where you need to take up your daily cross because grief, well there is no quick fix to the road God allows you to travel when faced with loss, whether big or small.

Yes, there is a cost to grief but there is also a freedom that births forth when you allow yourself to walk the journey out with an “it’s ok not to be ok” posture because in doing so, you are giving yourself permission to weep out the shattered pieces of your soul that no band-aide or super glue can hold together. It’s when you show yourself grace in the brokenness, allowing God into those scared places of your disrupted soul, that He is able to meet you on the ground and do a mighty work in and through your life. It is then that you are able to grab ahold of His hand, look into His eyes and begin to stand back up again. It’s in those gut wrenching, soul twisting grief moments, when any glimmer of light that seems to be diminishing, the moments where we can barely muster up enough strength to lift our heads up off the pillow, that our filter is off and we are in a place of Jesus desperation that we see His face clearer and in more profound ways. So yes, grieving has a cost but it also pays for the undeniable, transforming encounters we have with Jesus that drastically change our lives and our walk with the Lord.

So, you don’t need a permission slip to grieve because although it can be an expensive road to travel, the victorious freedom you experience when dry bones rattle and you take what the enemy meant for evil and turn it to good, well the “bill” you receive is worth every tear shed, every sleepless night and every penny spent. To live is Christ, to die is gain.

Allow yourself to grieve. Allow yourself to be angry, sad, mad, untethered and broken. There is no shame in it. The bible is FILLED with grief, remember Jesus WEPT. Love you ALL and PRAYING YOU THROUGH ❤️