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I am truly blown away by Gods faithfulness and love.

Isn’t it simply amazing when you feel depleted and lonely, when your soul is broken and shattered, when you can’t trust many people at all including God, when you are on your knees begging, actually pleading with God to show up and send someone or something to bring you a glimpse of HIS hope, letting you know HE is still present, that HE shows up in miraculous ways?

Well that just happened in my life and my spirit feels encouraged, revived and on fire again.  I truly feel as though I can soar with my wings opened wide, gliding across whatever may come my way.

We are given a race to run and we have a choice to run it with our heads bowed down falling victim to our circumstances or with our heads held high looking at the end prize. No matter how low the valley or how high the mountain, we need to run our race set before us with authority and conviction, faith and perseverance.

I am not always great at remembering this and I often go introvert, questioning the things and people around me, not being able to trust most. But then God shines down his glistening love, placing the right person along my path to sprinkle his unfailing love and hope back into my soul and my slanted dainty eyes suddenly become wide open again. What seemed so blurry and uncertain is now crystal clear. I remember that HIS freedom and HIS embrace is always available and waiting for me to run into it with my arms wide open, capturing all he wants me to encounter. I am reminded that He has not forsaken me and that He will NOT fail me. When all this clicks within, I suddenly feel my anxiety, heart aching soul being filled with an undeniable shalom peace and I immediately Praise his high and holy name for rescuing me once again. And that is where I am at right now. I have been rescued and redeemed.

Thank you Lord for saving me once again and allowing your faithful servant to speak life back into my soul. You are faithful, and just and your unfailing love never ceases to amaze me.