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Take that leap of faith today. Step out in fierce boldness to where He is calling you. Shed off the things that are holding you back and grab ahold of His hand, allowing Him to guide you and lead you. He would not call you to go somewhere if He wasn’t going to equip you and protect you. 

God is sovereign, God is love and God is good.

Trust Him, trust the dynamic plans He has blueprinted out for your life and begin to walk in the steps He has orchestrated out for your life. Rebuke the enemy from telling you that you can’t because the Bible clearly states YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST JESUS, WHO GIVES YOU STRENGTH.

Praying you step out in faith, praying He pours down His anointed healing hands over your life and praying as you step out in boldness you would feel and embrace just how big and deep and wide His love is for YOU