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Many of us walk through life feeling that there is more out there. We search and long for that “more” in our lives. Sometimes we feel lonely, unwanted, rejected and unloved. So we try and fill that void with things that are temporary. We may hang out with the wrong group of people just because they are fun, we may drink, do drugs, shop to much whatever it is, we do it to try and fill the void in our lives that we so desperately want to be filled. We fill it with a false satisfaction, a false image of what we truly need and want in our lives.
You see from the time we were knit together in our mothers womb, God placed HIS LIGHT, His love and the longing for him in each of us. As we grow and experience pains, hurts and disappointments that light or flame that was given to us slowly begins to dim out and we try to reignite the flame with idols and things of the world to give us a temporary high. To feel the flame be lite for a season but the reality is, is that it will soon dim out because we are trying to light a fire with the wrong match. You see God created us, He put the original and only flame in us and it is only HIM that can ignite or reignite that burning flame. If you feel this desperate cry for help, to be noticed, wanted, loved, the ONLY thing that can fill that is CHRIST JESUS. Seek Him and he will respond to you. He will embrace you and he will love you like you have never been loved before. All you have to do is say yes to HIM and your life will be forever changed. Trust me I am a living and walking example of this.