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I am listening to this song on repeat right now and the tears are slowly streaming down my face as I, along with so many others are needing to be embraced knowing, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT ??

We are all walking through something right now to one degree or another and some of us are bearing heavy burdens. Burdens we don’t want to walk through and burdens we were never meant to carry.

This song, it not only brings tears to my eyes but a release to my soul. It radiates Holy Spirit chills throughout my body as I truly know God has me in the palm of His hands, guiding me and making a way.

Sit with this song, meditate on its words and be still before Jesus. Allow Him free the chaos, the pain and the heartache you are carrying. Allow Him to meet you in the depths of the darkness, in the depths of despair and allow Him to breathe His anointing healing love back into your collapsing lungs. The resuscitation process is scary, hard and can leave one in an unsettled feeling of the unknown but know as He is creating a new rhythm for your heart to beat to, He is resurrecting you and bringing you back to life. Trust and believe Him in through the process, because when you surrender all of you to all of Him, fear, and anxiety will dissipate and His love song for your life will carry you through.

We are a community of believers, brothers and sisters walking along this journey of life neck and neck with one another. This isn’t a time to wear a mask, hide your feelings or hurts. This is the time we allow others in so they can help uplift us with Gods righteousness right hand. This is when we say YES to Jesus even though everything in us wants to run, hide, nestle ourselves in a corner and say NO.

This is the time we show up for one another, being Jesus in the flesh and this is when we experience Jesus in ways that we could have never imagined while we love without boarders, weep with those who weep and take on one another’s burdens. This is the time we become less so that others may become greater and this is the time we truly see the healing, miraculous hand is God at work.

Breathe in Jesus. Breathe His name in until your turmoiled soul becomes still in peace. Breathe Jesus in knowing God is working ALL things out for your good and with Him, know everything is going to be alright because darkness cannot overtake light and He loves you way to much to leave you in this place. Know He is your safe place of refuge, your hiding place, your hope, your comforter, your healer, your miracle worker, your prince of Peace and He is your Great I am.

Surrender, be still and trust God to workout the finite details of your life. Breathe Him in as you allow these words to soak into the deep crevices of your soul and know His truths, His promises and His love Will bring you back to life. Cling to Him, cling to the cross, they will sustain you.

Know it is OK not to be OK. It is ok to feel all the feels and it is ok to lay at the foot of the cross in surrendered faith. Release it all to Him and allow Him to redeem and resurrect all things. He has you, trust that

Covering you, interceding on your behalf and praying you through. in Jesus name AMEN

Sending big big big Jesus love and hugs your way