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Its really on my heart just to send a message of hope to you all today.

The enemy’s goal is to come and steal, kill and destroy. He is on a mission to make us doubt and question the deep love God has for each of us. Yet Gods goal is to shower us with an unfathomable amount of love. A love so deep and wide that it transforms us from the inside out. A love that will carry us through the darkest of days and a love that will set us soaring on the best of days. A love that is so vibrant and glistening that those who do not know his great name will flock to us because they see something so different about us that they want what we have.

With the holidays approaching and so many people saddened with pain, loss and deep despair, I ask that you show a little extra grace and love on people just a little bit harder and longer. Ask God to position you around people that need to hear and feel HIS presence and ask him for a divine appointment. A moment where he leads the way, paves the path out for you and you just obey to his voice.

The other day after we got back from MD Anderson, Pam, Jordyn, Jace and myself went retail therapy shopping. After we were done we were all hungry and wanted to eat something. Jordyn said she wanted tacos and I asked if Pam could wait about 25 minutes until we got back to Rockwall. She replied no so we got in the car and and I pulled up google maps to see where would be close to eat. As soon as I opened google maps, “Taco Joint, 1 minute away” popped up on my phone. I was floored. I had not typed in a single letter and boom, there was a taco place. Pam said we need to go there, its a divine appointment. So we went. When we got there, there was a young lady taking our order and her name was Addison. Pam just loved on her and this girls face lit up. When she brought us our food, I looked up at her and said, “Addison how can we bless you today?” She took a step back as was in disbelief. Long story short, I told her we were not going to leave without blessing her. As she went back to work, I went to TJMAXX and purchased her a gift card with an amount that God had laid on my heart. While I was gone Pam and Jordyn ministered to her and when I got back Jordyn handed her the gift and we blessed her. Addison is such a beautiful girl with beautiful soul and was so grateful she for meeting us. She just soaked all that she encountered and experienced in. It was a beautiful sight.

I tell you this not to boast, but Pam and I were obedient to what God was putting before us, what he laid on our hearts and by us showing up and blessing her, we conquered any attempt of the enemy to kill, steal or destroy her day. The love, attention and blessings she received that day was transforming in her life. It was evident that her day was changed, brightened and that she had a revived glimpse of hope.

We are on a mission field where we live and God has so many people around us that are so deeply wounded and hurting. There are people that are scared to show their true emotions because of how deeply hurt they have been by others. Its our calling and our responsibility to lead people to the unfailing love, hope and life of Christ. Its our calling to show people a love like they have never experienced and its our calling to share our testimonies, so that others can see how God redeems all the things.

Our hope is built on nothing less then Jesus Christ and his righteousness. His love conquers all and the hope that we have in and through him is what gets us through the roughest, darkest most painful of days. Although we know what hope means, I feel it has been lost and forgotten. Don’t loose hope and don’t allow the enemy to take away one of Gods greatest and biggest blessings in our lives. Faith, HOPE and love. Let him guide you and let your hearts be open enough that you can hear his voice and be obedient to where he is calling you.

Praying you all have a blessed day and that you see glimpses of HIM, his love and that you experience a renewed hope in HIM. His love never fails, never gives up and never runs out. Lean into him and allow him to pour out onto you.