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No matter how dark the road you are traveling may be, HIS light will always shine through, leading and directing your steps onto your path.

Yes, the light may be dim for a season, sometimes even what seems to be nonexistent, but the darkness will NEVER overcome His light, His hope, His love.

Rest in the assurance today knowing He is going before you leveling the mountains that are overwhelming you, breaking you, and the ones you dread climbing. Rest in His presence today knowing His word is a lamp to guide your feet and a light to your path.

Trust the process. Trust His timing. Trust in His ways. He has you in the palms of His hands and will never leave you nor forsake you.

Remember, and hold tight onto this, “ In His favor there IS life, for weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning” (Psalm 30:5).

If you know someone trekking through the depths of the valley, that is in depths of darkness, be a light in their life. Message them, call them, SHOW UP and help breathe life back into their desolate lungs because I can guarantee you this, they are finding it hard to breathe right now. You never know, you just might be the angel God is sending into their lives to remind them of HIS LIGHT and that there is HOPE.

Praying today you surrender as you seek His face. Today, as dark as it may seem, cling to Jesus, cling to the cross. His mercies are new every morning, GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS ❤️?

Love you all and praying for each of you as you journey through this day, the day in which the Lord has made.