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There is something about a care free spirit dancing in the rain.

As the kids began dancing I just felt the Lord speaking to my heart. No matter how much rain pours down upon you, no matter how deep you are within the waters, no matter how raging the storm may be, PRAISE ME.

Remember in the midst of the heaviest of downpours of you life, God is in the midst of it all.

Take off your shoes. Jump in the puddles. Run frivolously without worry or care. Lift your arms up in surrender and PRAISE HIM. Where the spirit of the Lord is there is FREEDOM.

Praying that we can all embrace the storms like this. Letting go and letting God. Shake off those grave clothes. Break down those walls. Dance spontaneously and freely in the downpour of the storm.

Look at these precious souls. They aren’t worried about how wet they are getting, how drenched their clothes are or how dirty they may be. They are having the time of their lives because in this sudden storm, they shook off all the cares. They shook off all their worries, anxieties and burdens and they ran into the merciful drops of the pouring rain, embracing every single rain drop with joyful hearts.

I am not sure how thick your storm is right now. I am not sure if you feel as though you are drowning and laying face up to the skies begging and pleading for a breakthrough. I am not sure if you have walked the trapeze of life and you are in the tension of the tight ropes praying you don’t fall and come crashing down. I don’t know if you have lost all hope and all you see is darkness but what I do know is this. God is a God of light, of hope, of breakthroughs, and of miracles. God, the powerful, almighty, anointed healing God that loves you in ridiculous overflow, is there to catch you and promises to not let you to drown.

Lean into Him. Surrender the things that have been keeping you prisoner, holding you in bondage and not allowing the shackles to be broken. Release it all to Him and watch Him unfold your life as you begin to walk in His revolutionary freedom.

Covering you all in prayer and PRAYING you open the doors in the thunderous rain and run into the storm praising Him, knowing He will meet you and carry you through.

Love you all deeply ❤️?❤️