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imageWhen I was in Colorado, God orchestrated an amazing dinner where I was able to meet and fellowship with Cris and Trudy Doornbos. The food was excellent and our conversations were fabulous. Our time together was anointed and God appointed.

What I did not know while getting to know Trudy was that she has an incredible anointing on her life to capture and embrace Gods beautiful creation with the camera. The photos she takes are breathtaking and more often than not, you find yourself in a peaceful blissful place as you gaze into serenity.

This one picture Trudy captured last week while she was in Vail just continues to bring me to a place of deep meditation where my soul feels purified and refreshed. It brings me to a place of solace, rest and to a place I long to be with Jesus.

As I am captivated by this picture, I am in total amazement of Gods creation, beauty and astounding architecture. The clear bright blue sky, the peaks, valley’s, the desolate areas, the shaded areas, the areas that have growth and the areas that exhilarate vibrant colors all have me in complete awe.

As I am enthralled starring at this masterpiece and enter into my safe place with Jesus, I immediately hear God speak to my soul. You love this picture so much because it depicts your life. The highs and the lows. The dark times when you felt alone and as if none was there, not even me. However you never gave up. You continuously pursued me and as you sought to find me you climbed up to the highest peak of the mountain and you saw light, you saw life and you saw the vibrant colorful masterpiece I was orchestrating together. No matter what season you were in, my presence was as clear as the bright blue sky, surrounding you, embracing you and protecting you. Never once did one of these mountains fall and crumble and neither have you. I have given you a path to walk and sometimes you fell, got bruised and sometimes you had to climb a rough and rocky mountain but when you got to the other side I was waiting there for you. Waiting to catch you, embrace you and lavish you with my love. Rest in me, rest in knowing I am the I AM and I will never leave you nor forsake you. Take the journey with me, follow me and allow me to lead the way. I have great plans for you but you need to trust me. You need to not lean on your own understanding but trust that even in the unknown, even in your deepest ditch, your darkest hour, I will reach out my powerful, anointed hand and I will cover you with the blood of Jesus. I will redeem, I will resurrect and I will make ALL things new. Trust me to take your hand and we will soar over all of these mountains as you reach new heights within me. Are you ready to fly?

LOVE LOVE LOVE how God speaks to me through his creation and that my gifted, anointed and beautiful friend Trudy played a huge part in this revelation as she was obedient to capture the beauty God placed before her.

I don’t know what you are walking through right now. If you are face down in a deep ditch and feel as though you are in the dark night of the soul. If you are high on top of the mountains and you see all the beauty and vibrant colors God has placed before you or if you are in a lukewarm stage of your journey where nothing gets you down but nothing excited you, I am here to tell you this. GOD deeply and passionately loves you. He wants to meet you wherever you are and he wants to shine his light, love and hope into your soul. He wants to weep with you and rejoice with you. He wants to lavish you with his love and he wants to make known to you how perfectly and wonderfully made you are. ┬áHe wants the places in your soul that have been yearning and seeking for more, the places that have been crying out or hidden, to find new birth, to be resurrected and he desires for you to see how vibrant and colorful your journey will become when you surrender your life to him. Trust him and allow him to do a mighty and powerful work in and through you. Are you ready for him to lead the way, to lead you beside quiet waters and for him to resurrect what has been dying inside? Allow him in and allow him to love on you. You will not be disappointed. HE IS FAITHFUL!!!!