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As I lay here in my bed this morning, praying, with tears rolling down my face, God brought to my heart this verse.

“The enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy, I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10).

Y’all I have no words yet so many words to speak right now. Today I am on day 18 of Covid 19. What I have been through, what my family has been through has been evil.

18 days ago Covid 19 began showing its face in my house and it had caused havoc, destruction, fear, loneliness, TEARS, unbearable sickness, anger and the list goes on.

I am not going to get into all the details but with all the chaos in the world, with so many opinions, attitudes of entitlement, fear I wanted to share this.

Covid 19 is real. It is a horrible, awful and evil virus that has invaded my body. There have been many rough, hard and dark days. There have been moments of awful and moments you think you are beginning to turn the corner and then you feel as though you have been run over by another Mac truck. I have been isolated from my family for 16 days now and it has taken a hard toll on us all. We have been broken and shaken. Our faith has been stretched. We have been weary. Our hope seems dim and we have walked through all the feels, all the emotions as we have cried and continue to cry long, hard tears, clinging onto God with any fight we have.

Am I getting better YES. Is it a slow process YES. Have my other issues reared it’s face YES. Is there a lot of healing to go YES. And when I say that I mean physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. This has ROCKED us

This virus that some want to ignore, that some want to dismiss, think it’s fake, a political scam, that your invincible to it, whatever the case may be let me tell you first hand there is NOTHING fake about it.

Wear your mask, don’t wear your mask that is what we are fighting about right now? Listen some people may have Covid 19 and never see a symptom. Some may have mild symptoms, some severe and others have lost their lives. In all do respect, it’s not our place to judge, condone, or compare. We are called to LOVE. And in that we don’t speak mean and hateful things. We come alongside one another and help one another. We serve them, listen to them and we stand beside them, showing up when they are weak. We stand in the gap, we stand on the battlefields, praying and fighting a battle of victory and unity.

Listen, I do not want sympathy and I for sure do not want any hateful comments. But what I do want is PRAYER. This virus has hit me really hard. Please pray I continue to get better. It has been a SLOW process but I am trying to focus on the little wins each day. And PLEASE pray that my family continues to stay healthy as we continue to fight this.

It is NOT an option in the Vorlicky house for the enemy to win because “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”(Joshua 24:15)

Love y’all and thank you in advance for your love and prayers. Sending you all big Jesus love and hugs ❤️