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This.. everything about this is 100% YES ?

God calls us to come alongside our fellow brethren to weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice. When in the wilderness, in the dark, battling and wrestling some hard things out with the Lord, people do not need a scripture, a shame comment, a did you prayer or do you trust in the Lord, questioning their faith. Sometimes someone just needs to be heard. Sometimes someone needs someone else to just show up.

Listen to the direction in which the Lord is calling you and maybe, just maybe you are the angel God is calling to go love on and comfort someone that has lost all hope.

Maybe just maybe you are the angel, that while sitting in the presence of someone who is lost and in a depths of depression, leads them besides quite waters and positions them before God to drink His living water to quench their thirst. Maybe just maybe you are the angel God is sending to be the answer to someone else’s prayers.

Never doubt how God is going to use you and NEVER doubt the resurrected power of Christ.

He is the GREAT I AM ?