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My new mask that was dropped off to my house yesterday and I love it for so many reasons.

One of the many things I am battling while fighting this wickedly evil virus called Covid-19 is the anxiety and fear that is arising DEEP within my soul about going back into the world once I kick this virus in the butt.

I know it is not going to be anytime soon. However what I do know is I am learning how to walk out faith over fear in an entirely new way.

On day 24 now of fighting this virus and the waves of it are crazy wicked. Decent one day and CRUSHED the next. However like so many others battling Covid-19, the stress and intensity of it has caused so many of my pre-existing health issues to flare up as well as being kind enough to bring me some new ones to endure.

This virus has triggered so many “not so good” memories for me and my family and the battle physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually has been fierce. We are not understanding soooo much right now but we are trusting Him in the process.

There are days of overflowing tears, deep sadness, weariness and discouragement. There are days of us being on our knees in prayer, begging God for breakthroughs and there are days of numbness as we are all overwhelmed by it all. We are learning a deeper level of trust and faith through this but no matter what the day brings we KNOW God is on the throne, in control and an ever present light in our darkest days.

When I saw these masks posted by Samee Dowlatshahi the other day I KNEW I needed one because this battle that I am journeying through is hard. It is going to be a moment by moment, day by day, daily surrender that I need to choose FAITH and not get crippled by fear. Thank you Samee for getting these made because I am going to need this reminder as I walk boldly in faith.
(FYI you can go get your own mask today and grab some of their yummy food at Samee’s Pizza Getti Italian Bistro & Lounge)

Thank you all for your ongoing messages, texts, prayers love and support. They are seen, heard, received and to be honest are CARRYING us through

We are choosing joy in the Lord. We are choosing to stay focused on the wins in each day, whether big or small and we are choosing faith over fear.

I am not sure what battles you are facing today but I urge you to choose to have faith. Know God is fighting this battle with you and for you. There are people that will stand in the gap for you and pray you through. Choose Him today, choose Him everyday. God is good ALL the time ❤️

Love y’all and PLEASE message me if you need prayer. Would love to pray with you and for you.