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imageYesterday my daughter Avery had the day off from school as it was fair day and since I was not brave enough to take three kids to the fair by myself, I took them to be gentle zoo.

As we were getting ready in the morning I asked Avery to go upstairs and get ready, to pick out an outfit to wear. She fussed some but came down with her “Y’all need Jesus” tank on, to which Jordyn proceeded to put on the same shirt. I loved it because they absolutely love this tank because they truly love Jesus.

When we got to the gentle zoo there were not too many people there besides us and the two groups of friends we were with. As the moments progressed many people began to trickle in and I noticed there was a field trip and it consisted of about 45 hesidic Jewsish people. I mean the men and boys were wearing their yamicas, prayer shawls and the woman in long skirts and hair covered. Their kids names were straight out of Israel and were names like Yosef and Moshe.

I was in amazement and in disbelief.  First that we were in the middle of no where, in the Bible Belt and there were all these Jewish people.  Secondly, that  what were the chances that Avery had the day off, we chose not to go to the fair, we went to the zoo, we were amongst 45-50 hard believing Jewish people and my girls have on, in big bold glittery letters “Y’all need Jesus” shirts which they chose to wear.

At one point as all the kids were gathered in the same place and I heard one of the moms say, do you see their shirts?

Although they probably thought they were amongst Jesus freaks, my heart had so much gratitude and love for what the Lord placed before us. He placed us amongst his chosen, and my girls were running around, not knowingly but planting a seed. They weren’t wearing a shirt with a cross, or a scripture, it was as clear as day. Y’all need Jesus

So as I left the zoo my heart was a little saddened that I didn’t strike up a conversation with them asking where they went to temple to try and place a deeper seed but then I was reminded that my girls did and I began to pray for this community, a community that God has chosen, a community that so desperately needs to know his great name and his unfailing love and a community I hold so dear to my heart because I am one of them.

So I ask that you all join me in prayer. That we pray that just by them seeing and reading the girls shirts that it sparked a conversation amongst them.  That they want to dig deeper into knowing who Jesus is and why would someone say we need him. I pray for revolution and I pray they encounter someone in their path that shows them the undeniable love of Jesus.

Also, I am still in awe of how God orchestrated this and how my God fearing, worshipping, spunky fashionable, kind hearted, loving girls were used in the kingdom yesterday and they had no idea. I pray that HE continues to use them in abundance and I pray we all are positioned in such a way that we reach the masses just by our presence.

God uses us all we just have to be open to see what is before us. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you, use you and position you amongst people that need an encounter with Him. Allow him to use your children and allow him to work his miracles. I love how he uses the “little” things to make the biggest impact. I am blessed that I live in a day where my kids can wear these shirts, be proud of who they are, to whom they belong and that they are children of the day.

Blessings to you all and I pray an outpouring of abundant love for each of you..