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Y’all God is a miracle worker. After 5 months of not feeling well, 4 months in bed and the last two weeks of trying to regain some strength, I am back at the gym riding the bike.. can we please get an AMEN, HALLELUJAH and thank you Jesus ?

I have to admit there where moments during this season that I did not think this day was going to be possible. Being bed bound for almost four months, loosing my ability to walk, my body and head being in constant tics and tremors and being in a wheelchair, there were days of complete hopelessness. But God. As HARD as it was to cling to the cross on days, having days of debilitating weakness and weariness, I continuously chose to plant my feet in the shoes of the gospel of peace because He reminded me daily of His truths and His promises and the victory that was already won on my behalf. There were days I was shaken to the core but I never wavered in my faith and how He would heal me (even if it looked different than I wanted it to) because I never lost hope in HIM.

I am not sure what you are walking through right now, because let’s be real, we are all walking through something but I want to encourage you with this. DO NOT give up hope. Place your trust and faith in Him. He will walk this battle out with you and for YOU and He WILL see you through. Psalm 23:4,” Even though I walk through the [d]valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me;”

Remember you are His precious BELOVED daughter/ son and He is well pleased with YOU. There is nothing you have done to “cause” these seasons of life but through them He is elevating and escalating you to deeper levels within Him as He purifies you. Allow Him to grab ahold of your hand and allow Him to crawl, gallop, skip, rum or even just sit with YOU. Allow Him to grab ahold of those broken pieces within your heart and allow Him to redeem, resurrect and set you free from the bondage the enemy has tried to keep you in. “Who the SON sets free, He is free indeed, I am a child of God YES I am.” 

He is a loving and faithful God and a GOD who sent His son to the cross to die an excruciating death so that we may have vibrant lives. 

Seek and you shall find, Knock and the doors will be open. Surrender it all over to Him and He will lavish you with an undeniable peace and love. 

Praying for y’all and claiming your victory and freedom in Him.

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