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As I stand in a posture of surrender, praying for you all, there is a heaviness that is nudging at my soul for all of you that are in the midst of the storms of life. 

Some of you are currently trekking through an emotional hurricane right now that has left you shattered and untethered by the destruction in which the storm wrecked havoc on your life. Others are in the midst of cleaning up the debris from the storm that imploded within your soul while others are just about to get hit with the gusty winds that may cause an upheaval of chaos. 

Some of you are so overwhelmed by the ongoing storms reoccurring in your life that the darkness you are encountering seems to be overshadowing any glimpse of light or hope. Some of you are starring at the brokenness you have endured that you are in a paralyzed trance, questioning if the shattered pieces of your soul that seem so dismantled will ever be able to be pieced back together while others of you are trying to stir up any mustard seed of faith just to try and stand back up again. 

Today, as you are playing the deck of cards you have been dealt, trying to play your hand in a way that will rescue you from sinking in the depths of the tsunami waters, I want to encourage you with this. Just like a broken crayon can still color, know that the broken pieces of your life still tell a story. It is a story of love. A story of faithfulness. A story of how God met you in the depths of your valley and how He brought you to the mountaintops. It is a story of how you barrel crawled on the filthy floors just to touch the hem of His garment because you knew that just by being in His presence you would experience transformational healing. It’s a story of turning graves into gardens and a story of making beauty from ashes. It is a story of redemption, resurrected freedom and a story of grace. It is a story of a beautiful unfolding of a Fathers heartbeat and a Fathers unwavering love for His children. 

I am praying that as you lay surrendered at the cross, that you take inventory of all the different broken “crayons” within the depths of your soul as you lay them all at the foot of the cross, you ask the Lord to not only color a vibrant story of your life, but to create a majestic masterpiece that unravels a picture His unwavering love. I am praying that the “crayons” that have been dulled out in color, the ones that you can barely hold onto because they are too small and the ones that you are questioning , “Should I just throw them away?”  That you hold onto them. These are the “crayons” the enemy wants you to throw away because these are the “crayons” that will glue the shattered pieces of your heart back together and these are the “crayons” that will lead you to victorious freedom within Him. 

Today, take the black and white canvas the storms of life have colored within the crevices of your soul and repaint your story with the broken crayons God has placed before you. Remember nothing is in accident. God does not make mistakes and He uses ALL things for the good and glory of His kingdom.  

Covering you as I stand in a posture of surrender, standing before the throne room, fervently interceding and praying you through. 

In Jesus name AMEN