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I have needed some time to process all that has taken place here in Texas. The loss, the destruction, the devastation is just unfathomable. The pictures that have been posted, been on the news or running through social media do not even depict the travesty that occurred.

Yesterday as we were trying to find a place to drop off our car full of donations and we drove through Rowlette, I became numb as my eyes teared up and my heart sank. To see that just across the water, lakefront properties destroyed, demolished. To see the community that you drive through almost every day, to see your pediatricians office crumbled, roofs off, sides of houses and buildings demolished. You can’t help but be in deep utter sorrow for all the families affected by this horrific storm.

I have to be honest, when my mom texted me, “do you see we have a tornado warning? take cover.” I honestly rolled my eyes and thought whatever. Until we turned the news on and John said, we need to take cover, its heading our way. Some panic began to set in but I was in disbelief of what was to come. Honestly, until I saw pictures of what the storm did and how so very close it was to us, I was not convinced a true tornado was heading our way.

As we were driving yesterday and I was praying for all the families and for my children eyes as they were about to see some heart wrenching, devastating losses, I couldn’t help but selfishly thank God for allowing the storm to stop where it did. Do not get me wrong, I am so deeply saddened by what occurred here and for all the masses amount of people that lost everything, but you have to listen to what I am saying. If it wasn’t for a large body of water separating Rowelette from Rockwall, the storm would have come directly to us, destroying more communities and hitting our home. The properties on the lakefront right across the water were totaled. The water somehow, someway stopped it from hitting us. Truly a miracle.

But this is what I want to focus on here. The amount of people that have showed up, that have gathered together in prayer, in donations in volunteering is utterly amazing. Masses amounts of food, clothing, water, toiletries, diapers, you name it, it was donated. Countless volunteer hours going through rubble helping people trying to salvage anything they possibly can. Digging deep, pushing wood, scraps and clutter to find and rescue fur babies that had been trapped. Social media has been blowing up with people wanting to help, donate items, posting where they took lost, scared animals and where to find them. You see in the midst of such a huge tragedy in our community people have become selfless and have put aside their needs and have looked out for their fellow brethren. For those who lost everything, that have nothing and that need hope. People, strangers have stepped up and shown an unconditional, unfailing, unwavering love. There was no discrimination, no barriers no hate. People were and are in need and the masses showed up to help them.

Along with all the good that has taken place through this devastating loss, evil has shown its face. People have been looting, beating others up, taking all they can get out of sometimes else’s loss. It breaks my heart deeply but the only thing I can say on that is that evil will alway show its face, especially when God is gathering his people for a greater work.

So I will end with this. My heart bleeds and weeps for all those that were affected by this tornado. For all those that have lost loved ones, their homes, fur babies and have lost faith and hope. I am utterly at a loss of words. When you drive through and see the destruction you will feel the spiritual depression that exists as it seems unfathomable to ever rebuild what was lost. As we all sit here and try to figure out how and what we can do to help these families, I plead with you to first go before God and ask him to reignite the flame in each one of these souls to try and find hope and light in such a dark dreary time. Ask him to rebuild their faith and hope as he rebuilds their communities and as HIM to send an angelic realm around these communities, that evil would flee and that people would rise up in selfless ways, pouring love, encouragement and life back into so so many broken dreary souls. As you pray, God will reveal your post that you need to stand whether is be to provide, counsel or pray, he will lead you and show you. Remember the body of Christ needs all the parts of the body to work in its full capacity, so stand your post and stand there with the power and authority of Christ. We are all playing an important role in bringing life, hope and light back into these lives. Also remember our God is the ultimate physician, healer, counselor,provider and he is the GREAT I AM. Nothing is impossible through Christ Jesus and when two or more gather in HIS name his presence is known. These communities are seeing the power and resurrection of Christ and HE will redeem all that was taken and lost.

Although such a horrific tragedy on so many levels, this was a somber reminder that we can’t place our identity in material things, in things of the world because they can easily be taken. Our hope and identity needs to be in Christ Jesus. Apart from him we are wondering souls, lost and looking for meaning and affirmation. In him we will find who we are, whom we were created to be and in HIM when we face heart wrenching, devastating, life altering situations we can hold onto HIM, his promises, his truths and his love. Our rock, our foundation our faith and hope NEEDS to be in him. When the storms hit and wipe out all that we have and all that we have known, he will still be there. Our foundation in him cannot be shaken or taken away by the storms.

Its like the scriptures say in Luke 6:47-49.. 47 As for everyone who comes to me and hears my words and puts them into practice, I will show you what they are like. 48 They are like a man building a house, who dug down deep and laid the foundation on rock. When a flood came, the torrent struck that house but could not shake it, because it was well built. 49 But the one who hears my words and does not put them into practice is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. The moment the torrent struck that house, it collapsed and its destruction was complete.”

Trust, seek and you will find him. He we show his face, he will bring his angels to camp around you and he will life back to souls that is dying. He will rebuild these communities and he will do it from the inside out. Meaning he will rebuild hope and faith back into ones life as he rebuilds their homes. Many will come to know his great name through this travesty and some will flee from him. As a community of believers lets all be in prayer, coveting one another’s prayers for a community to rise up out of ashes and out of darkness. For a community to come together showing HIS unfailing, unwavering selfless love and lets step out of our comfort zones, speak and be the light of Christ and lets show the masses around us what being a follower of Christ truly means.

Love you all deeply xoxo