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IMG_6013Love this from my devotional this morning.. He is with us in the storm and if the storm didn’t come the beauty that is left behind wouldn’t take place.

We so many times want to rush out of the hard times but God has a different plan. He tells us in scripture that He makes beauty from our ashes and that He is always with us. In the midst of the storm, He isn’t leaving us to get saturated, crushed and blown away. In the eye of the storm He wants us to stay put, to lean into Him and allow Him to do a work in and through us.

I have never gone through a storm and walked away from it dirty, muddy and saturated with all the dabris that the winds of a storm bring. I leave more vibrant for Him, glistening and radiating in the awe of His faithfulness. My soul is reignited in Him and honestly I praise Him for bringing me through another situation where I can empathize and have a deeper understanding for more people.
I am not saying walking through a storm is easy. I get it, been through a lot of them and during them friends leave, people disappoint and sometimes the wounds you experience are deep and profound, leaving marks on your soul. You are scared to trust again, sometimes hesitatant to walk outside your front door because you fear what others are saying about you. Let’s be real, there are some storms we walk through that are flat out destructible, ugly and I know there are storms that enter our lives where we truly do not know how we are ever going to walk again non the less breathe again.┬áBut let me ask you this? Have you ever not survived a storm?? There are hurts and disappointments and things that can change the course of your life from that storm BUT Gods imprint on what He has carried you through, how He sustained you, how He has taught you breathe again, how He brought you from the depths of Darkness into light and hope far surpass the knicks and bruises a storm may have left you with. We may not always see the beauty birthed forth from the storm right away but as the grass grows and the flowers vibrantly bloom, the rain that the storm poured down upon our souls WILL produce fruit, transformation and it will procedure a beauty that we will stand in awe over. GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS ?

Trust Him today to carry you through the eye of the storm. There will be growth and vibrant beauty that is produced by your hardest hour. They say your greatest ministry births forth from the darkest hour. Gods hand is ALWAYS at work.

We have two choices, we can chose to push him aside and try to get through the storms of life on our own or we can turn to Him, Lean into Him and allow Him to do what only He can do. What happens when we trust in Him to reach out His hand and rescue us from the drowning seas of darkness is PROFOUND. They are moments that change your course. That transform you and you never look back because you know God and God alone carried you through, brought you through and you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that without Him, nothing is possible.

Where are you today? Do you need more of Him and less of you?? Answer the door that is knocking at your soul and allow Him in.. He will do a miraculous profound work in and through you and I promise you this, you will NEVER regret allowing Him into your life. You will be forever transformed and changed..
Big love for you all ???