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Oh my WORD how I love this and how I hold this this be such truth. This right here is what I teach my littles and what I try to walk out with excellence.
When God nudges you or places someone or something on your heart, obey and respond. Reach out to that person even if it is just a text message, an emoji and let them know they are on your heart. Let them know they are not alone and that they are LOVED.
In psalm 142 David cried out and said, “I look to my right and see no one cares for me, I have no refuge, no one cares for my life.”
Y’all do you realize that is so many of us? We walk through life feeling alone and unloved. Feeling trapped and like we have no where to go or turn. Our heads are face down and we are begging God for someone to take notice of us. We so want to be LOVED.
Be different, be what the world tells us not to be. The Bible tells us to be in the world but not if the world, meaning LOVE differently, LOVE as Christ loves us.
This is such a simple task yet so hard for most of us. We need to become selfless. To become less so that others may become more. We sometimes need to put aside what we are walking through and be who Christ calls us to be for others.
Make a difference today and every other day for that matter. Bring heaven onto earth and respond in obedience, you just might be that angel God is sending into someone’s life to Rescue them from darkness, hopelessness and your phone call, your text, your embrace may be just what they need to find the light and hope they are desperately needing
Love y’all BIG