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Scripture tells us when two or three gather in my name (Gods name) , my presence will be known (Matthew 18:20) and that was so very evident tonight. My precious angels publicly professed their faith tonight as they were baptized, leaving their old self at the bottom of this fountain, emerging forth with a new hope, a new faith, and new life in Christ.
I cannot begin to explain the overflow of love in my heart right now. Pastor Josh did an AMAZING JOB leading my girls and blessing them each with an INCREDIBLE word from the Lord. We had amazing friends and family join us and tonight was just filled with an anointing from the Lord.
Deuteronomy 6 tells us to raise our children up in the way of the Lord. John and I strive to lead our children, teach them how to LOVE with intention and how to embrace the lost and broken. I know there are a lot of things we don’t do right in this journey, but this right here I KNOW we have done right.
These girls (and Jace) love BiG, they love with intention and without borders and they have BIG hearts to love and serve the Lord. They live out being Jesus in the flesh and their heart is for all to know how powerful, faithful and good our God is. With a lump in my throat and tears running down my face, I raise my hands in praise and adoration for the Lord is faithful and good and He has blessed us in abundance with these three angels. #raisingkingdomkids #blessedbeyondmeasure #myangelsblessme