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I am back in the hospital. Began having very slurred speech yesterday and they will do an MRI this morning to make sure I didn’t have a stroke and then I believe a spinal tap. Tremors are still very bad so pray for my spinal tap. They do not want to sedate me but if I tremor and needle moves, well that will not be good. please keep us in prayer The doctors are dumbfounded never seen a case like me. But God has and we will get answers i know that for sure. The good news in all of this, is I got a call from Mayo Clinic yesterday and have set up my appointments for July 11-12. Praise Him for answered prayers. He is my hope when I am hopeless, the light in my darkness and my life when I feel defeated. Praying breakthroughs and miracles today and that the doctors don’t throw the towel in and keep searching. Praising HIM through this storm