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Yesterday while I was talking with a very good friend I was reminded how the business of life distracts us and blinds us to the miracles and signs God places right before our eyes.

Many times we seek God, pray and pray for direction, opportunities, confirmation and a sign letting us know HE hears our hearts desires. We pray and seek for him to guide us, bring us hope, bring someone in our paths to help us out of our rut, but we don’t sit still enough to hear his voice, to recognize those people he brings in our paths and we miss the miracle he places right before our eyes. We often think things are coincidences when people step up to the plate and we fail to recognize they were probably the person God sent to us. We seek confirmation and direction but we take a left turn instead of the right. Scripture says “be still and know I am God,” meanig let God be God.

When we seek Him he will show up. We just need to let him do his thing and stop taking control of things. God is present everywhere at all times. If you are seeking him then look for him. Open your mind and eyes for the miracles he is placing before you. It may be obvious and it may not be.  My challenge to you today is to soak in all that he is and all that he promises to be. Seek him and those things that you would probably blow off. Embrace them and praise God for them. The person that calls you today out of the blue, that you see in the store, or that you think about, Praise God that he placed them in your path. Remember God loves, cherishes you and is so abundantly in love with you. He will show up and he does deliver. The question is, are your heart and eyes open to what he really has for you?