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And then GOD MOVED.. This girl, what she has walked through recently has left this momma in tears, in prayer and in a posture of complete surrender. But, what God delivered her from, what God has healed her from, what God has done in and through her, it is absolutely MIND BLOWING. Her growth and maturity in the Lord THIS WEEK has advanced her at least 5 years in her walk with HIM.

I am truly in AWE and have tears streaming down my face. What she experienced this week, what she experienced tonight, it is nothing short of the victorious FREEDOM that resides in and through Christ. The dark valley has led to a mountaintop experience and y’all, she is on FIRE. If you cannot read in between the lines it is as simple as this. This girl right here has been in a pruning process this week that has broken down walls, and unlocked chains in which she had been shackled in. Prison doors have swung wide open and she has been released from so many lies. The encounter with God that she LITERALLY just experienced has exploded a crazy faith within her. She asked, “Mom, please let me journal this out so I NEVER forget the day God brought me fully out of darkness into light.”

What the enemy meant for evil, God crushed that tonight and He has turned it ALL for GOOD.

His love abounds. Her mercies never fail. He is faithful, He is just and He has called my girl to new depths tonight. Chills are radiating in and through my soul as this precious 13 year old girl fully understands what it means to meet Jesus face to face.

So these pictures, they are a beautiful unfolding of God creating beauty from ashes. They are of a girl that had been wrecked BUT is now redeemed. They are pictures of a girl thirsty and hungry for Jesus and is willing to go through hard just so she can experience HIM. These are pictures of a girl that is FREE. So, I sit here in awe of God’s faithfulness and with every breath I am praising God as I sing Hallelujah, Hallelujah, thank you Jesus ???