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I often stumble when people ask me what I do and I forget what I have done and what God is doing and orchestrating in my life…

I have to say this is by far one of my most greatest achievements and accomplishments to date.

Thanking God big time for the amazing GRACE He has had over and through my life and for saving me when I was at rock bottom. What He has done in transforming me and my life is remarkable and for me to go to seminary, get my Masters of Divinty and graduate with High Honors, well it was ALL HIM. This isn’t a boast about me but it’s me boasting about HIM. Amazed and in awe of His faithfulness.

So you ask me what I do? I live, breath, eat, drink, write and speak Jesus ALL DAY LONG.

Excited for the journey and ministry ahead. He is faithful and good and this is just the beginning ???